Watch Your Videos with Chromecast for Free!

A new batch of Chromecast compatible apps are out but so far, it seems that to watch your own media and stream it to Chromecast you will have to pay in some way. I believe that in the future you will probably be able to do that for free but in the meantime, let’s try this life hack! Continue Reading →

The new iPad line up nonsense

The prices don’t make sense. The choices of the line up even less. What’s going on Apple?

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Nikon Df: Half-Measure

Nikon just announced the new Full Frame Nikon Df camera. Being the “D” from “Df”, Digital and the “f” being fusion – of the old and the new? Let’s try to understand what is Nikon trying to accomplish here and why I think it’s a half-measure. Continue Reading →

Expectations and Reality: Nexus 5 Camera

It has been recently announced the Android 4.4 KitKat and the Nexus 5 but the question about the camera remains. Continue Reading →